Vertical Shift


George Paton Gallery Exhibition Space

Vertical Shift was made for the cabinet in George Paton Gallery Project Spaces. It was part of Mark Making Form, an exhibition curated by Chelsey O'Brien that surveyed the materiality of the lithographic prints.


From the curator

Mark Making Form surveys the materiality; texture and presence embedded through the lithographic process, exploring the transformative nature of the printed mark that appears to float between the two dimensional and three dimensional realms.
The lithographic discipline is one of alchemy; it is a time consuming, laborious, scientific printmaking method that creates an ethereal glow. When something becomes a print, suddenly it emanates certain gravity far beyond the paper it’s printed upon, a new world unto itself. With the marks made in printmaking having permanence, these images also become like time capsules, each mark telling the considered or serendipitous history of the work.
Artists Jaime Powell, Sophie Westerman and Yoshe Gillespie share similar methodologies of practise. All experimenting with line as texture and certain chance based occurrences that inform the creation of prints. Through the exhibition in the experimental project spaces, their works take on a further archival narrative drawing comparisons with cased specimens and scientific outcomes whilst also calling back to their own, other- worldly lithographic creation.

-Chelsey O'Brien