Soft Copy

Soft Copy  2015, 50 x 70cm Altered Lithograph

Soft Copy 2015, 50 x 70cm Altered Lithograph

Seventh Gallery Project Space

Jaime Powell and Sophie Westerman have an ongoing collaboration that explores the inherent conceptual and aesthetic possibilities within printmaking. In Soft Copy the artists examine the contrast between the labour of the printmaking and the fragility of its end result. The printing process is very physical. It often involves a myriad of repeated actions of which there is no record. For this body of work the artists have treated the printmaking process as a performance, the resulting prints are records of this performance.

Below right is some of the experimentation that took place before the final install at Seventh Gallery.


Soft Copy 2015, 50 x 70cm Lithograph, 55 x 80cm aluminium sheet

Soft Copy Experimentation